Thursday, December 29, 2011

W woos me and i fall hard!

I have always said that i love Indian wear. So i was surprised that I had never walked into a W, especially after i saw all the clothes. Loved the prints -- as they were so different and so modern. And it was refreshing to see a store take inspiration from international trends -- such as tribal prints. Loved the whole collection all because of the colours - this yellow kurta has become my favourite kurta and i only got it a day ago! I was shocked i hadn't been here before, but now, i will frequent it as much as i can! take a look at these pictures and tell me you won't to the same. W, you wooed me. 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

School girl chic

School girl was too hot so i decided to tie my hair in a pony tail, and as i now have been condemned to wearing specs, i decided why not go the whole hog and try the school girl look! Skirt promod, shirt Tommy hilfiger, shoes D&A delhi, bag hill road...and it's once again a super comfy look...just get up and go

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Tommy Hilfiger review

I haven't been to a Tommy store for some years now, and it was really fun checking it out all over again last week. What i love about tommy is the preppy chic vibe, take a few pieces from there and you could just like Serena and Blair. The check shorts, the leather skirts...all were to die for. And as always, the clothes are meant to be up and about in -- so chic and comfy i could die!! No i don't wanne die, i want to wear them...i tried on a classic red check shirt and fell in love with it completely. Hope you like it. Check out the store as soon as you can if these outfits are your style!

Get a Rs 1000 gift voucher from Pavers England

chic and comfy 
love the colours
So i visited the Pavers England outlet in Phoenix and was pleasantly surprised. I really liked their ethnic collection and some of their heels! They are super comfortable despite having 4 inches attached to them, and that's what their ideology is -- to be comfy -- something Indian Summer totally agrees with. So am giving away a Rs 1000 voucher. Just leave a comment on why you love shoes, and get your friends to like my FB page and your comment. It's as simple as that! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lacoste goes Live

Stylist Ranjani explains how the cute polka dot sweater would look great for office and a date!

I loved this black velvet number

That knit skirt in the middle is going to be mine soon

love the pants for men

My friends Samidha of Street Style kindly took a picture!

Look at all those Raining Crocs
Before my visit to the Lacoste store last week, I had no clue they had such cute stuff for women. Their Live collection is choc-a-block with separates we can all pair to give ourselves a French makeover. The store stylist Ranjani and marketing head Khyati made the bloggers feel super welcome and introduced us to their chic clothing. What i loved were the skinny pants that you will see me wearing soon, and the Raining Crocs tee that was just too cute for words. There were also bright cardigans, knit skirts and and tunics to give any wardrobe an edge. And for the guys, there were damn cool pants and the classic croc tees that are an absolute essential. I loved it, and am going back soon for my croc tee. you should head there soon as well!! Baci baci...

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A sight for sore eyes!

The cute Nature's Co bag comes around for a review!

I absolutely love the eye pillow
When The Nature's Co sent me its products to try, i was thrilled. Because as i opened the cute packaging, I found a rosemary eye pillow, which i have been needing for so long now. We all spend such long hours on the web that sometimes it's so necessary to give our eyes that much-needed rest. And when I put the pillow on (which can be strapped on easily like goggles), after letting it coll in the fridge for a bit, it took away the tiredness in just a matter of minutes. and the whiff of the rosemary make the experience much more pleasurable. I wish i could just lie like that and listen to music all day long. They also sent me a cucumber face wash, the best thing about which was that it didn't leave my skin feeling dry once i used it. And that's a real plus.
Also, Nature's Co, as the name suggests, stays close to nature and all their ingredients are natural. Now what could be better than that! If you like to get in touch with them, log on to their website or check out their facebook page.
Coming up next: A fab outfit post!! At least i hope it will be fab! :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

The AM:PM launch

Harper's Bazaar cover with Sonam Kapoor

HB Editor Sujata Sujata Assomull and designer Priyanka Modi. i loved what she was wearing, which is her own creation. Young and chic
A model shows off a AM:PM design

The stylish junior stylist at HB, Allia Al Rufai. i love her jewelled waistcoat
It was a fun wine and cheese evening as Ankur and Priyanka Modi opened the doors of their label AM:PM, at D7 in Khar, in association with Harper's Bazaar. Indian Summer found the colours refreshing and ideal for the festive season around the corner. Also, the label seemed intent on designing for women of all ages and sizes. There were dresses, kurtas, tops and pants, all with one major thing common -- they were all very wearable. And that could be the reason why they are so popular -- and now retail out of 40 stores between 9 countries and 12 major cities across India. The fact that Harper's Bazaar was hosting the event also upped the ante. In fact HB editor Sujata Assomull personally greeted guests such as Nachiket Barve, Simone Singh, Aki Narula and many others. We look forward to seeing how the brand takes over Mumbai. Cheers!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Golmal effect

I am quite a simple shopper. i usually just go to zara, promod, chemistry or vero moda, as i know these clothes last for a long time and quality and fit is great. But for my eclectic shopping and some great stuff through the years, i have always gone to Golmal, a pretty boutique in Lokhandwala, owned by the stylish Simrita Dhillon. I have often found some great buys here...some which are featured below.
This yellow dress is super comfy and so cute!

I love the way falls over my shoulder

This blue dress as well fits perfectly.

come on over!
Golmal is launching its Naughty Ganesh line for the festive season. You have to drop in. details with invitation! see you there!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Indian summer tries on a man's shirt

So when the stylish Sonu Bohra asked me to try on a man's shirt for the It's a Man's World challenge, i jumped at the chance. I hadn't worn a button down shirt for years now. I ordered the shirt online, which has super cool stuff for men btw (ladies, it's super easy now to buy gifts so log on), and the process was super easy and fast. I placed the order in five minutes and got the delivery two days later promptly. i also loved the super cute packaging. Now if all online shopping was this simple.
To style it, i kept true to the Indian summer style and kept it simple. I just tucked it in in a pair of dark-coloured jeans, and accessorized with a flower broach and ballerinas. It was super comfy and perfect for this weather. And i think it looked quite chic. The best bit: i met ace designer Aki Narula for an interview wearing this and he actually told me how good it looked and that he loved the broach to make it look more feminine.
So girls, don't be shy. if you don't know how to layer a man's shirt,  just go the simple way that i did, and be preppy chic. Hope you like this.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Indian Summer reviews the new Vero Moda, Only and Jack and Jones collection

I love this top for its sheer femininity! It's so sweet and pretty na!
OK, I was super excited when Vero Moda, Only and Jack and Jones told me to come around and review their new collection and do a bit of shopping. The first thing that struck me about this collection was the amount of colour and prints, which as you know Indian Summer loves and aches for so much. It's also oh-so wearable and still chic. And comfort counts for a lot in my scheme of things. also, the fits are perfect for us curvy women, making us look oh so glam! Not too tight, and not too loose. i did a lot of looks with just trying different tops with a plain simple pair of dark blue jeans, and i think any of these can lift up your day from monotony. Even the line for men was relaxed, laidback and yet so trendy. i would love for my husband to wear these tee and those shorts. Head to the stores now! here are some of my favourite picks! 

The colour on this one will add the colour to your cheeks. The simple look also makes it very wearable on a daily basis

Love the belt with its lace detailing. (bought it!) and the top for keeping it young and trendy

Flower power with this I am so girly top

The sweater vest was my favourite and the white full sleeve tee a must for any wardrobe! I bought both!

Another favourite. Don you love the prints on this one?

Ain't i the retro hottie!

All tees and denims i would love to see my man in. Ladies go shopping now!

Fashion Week and the week before!

Fashion Week this time inspired me to be such a better blogger, just because i met so many of my lovely blogger friends who are brilliant at what they do. Sonu and Jasleen of Fashion Bombay, Ayushi of Style Drive, Anushka of Bombay Bubble, Masoom of Style Fiesta and Kavya of Hue Streak Fall. These guys are just so professional, that it made me feel so inspired. and it was a completely fun fashion week as hanging out with people like them was amazing. also, for the first time there were two blogger conventions. One to meet Bryan Boy and one to just discuss how we can make this blogger thing huge. I think we all got a few ideas, and am sure we will act on them!

For wear the Wardrobe: I have had this Mango jacket for more than 7 years now

Love this dress from Attic

My heels are my heartbeat!

The coolest Anushka of Bombay Bubble and Moi

Now you know why we are so fabulous!

Wear the Wardrobe: love my jacket!

Finally carrying this bag!

And wearing these shoes!

with Bryan Boy

i think Ayushi, Anushka and Kavya rock this pic!
in other news, i have been trying to utilise my wardrobe to the most on my Wear the Wardrobe project, which was t deter me from buying new stuff, but which is till ended up doing. But still some good did come out of here's the week in pictures!