Saturday, January 26, 2013

Long time No see

Helloo people, it's been a long time and i apologise. But i just never found myself blog ready -- which i never am by the way. I can never choose locations, nor put on any kind of make-up!! I get envious every time I see all the other bloggers but then if i try to do what they do, I will end up looking like a big fool. I remember the last time i put blush, a friend pointed out that it looked as if I had got socked in the face. Anyway, today i liked what I wore so I took a picture. And i quite liked them, even though I am completely a Zara whore in these. Everything is from Zara, and i am so okay with that. It suits my body shape the best and makes me look as chic as someone like me can. So it's cool right? I have even stopped putting kajal now because have developed an allergy. So do tell me if i look fine without even that piece of make-up that once i couldn't do without. I just love colour and this is an ide to that. And yes, I LOVE my shoes. Animal print rocks! Let's hope I blog more now. Love you guys!!