Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Golmal effect

I am quite a simple shopper. i usually just go to zara, promod, chemistry or vero moda, as i know these clothes last for a long time and quality and fit is great. But for my eclectic shopping and some great stuff through the years, i have always gone to Golmal, a pretty boutique in Lokhandwala, owned by the stylish Simrita Dhillon. I have often found some great buys here...some which are featured below.
This yellow dress is super comfy and so cute!

I love the way falls over my shoulder

This blue dress as well fits perfectly.

come on over!
Golmal is launching its Naughty Ganesh line for the festive season. You have to drop in. details with invitation! see you there!


  1. very nice post i like pictures of ur blog ....

  2. i love the yellow dress! Yellow makes me mellow! I recently made a lemon yellow circle bustle skirt for my DD

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