Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Tommy Hilfiger review

I haven't been to a Tommy store for some years now, and it was really fun checking it out all over again last week. What i love about tommy is the preppy chic vibe, take a few pieces from there and you could just like Serena and Blair. The check shorts, the leather skirts...all were to die for. And as always, the clothes are meant to be up and about in -- so chic and comfy i could die!! No i don't wanne die, i want to wear them...i tried on a classic red check shirt and fell in love with it completely. Hope you like it. Check out the store as soon as you can if these outfits are your style!

Get a Rs 1000 gift voucher from Pavers England

chic and comfy 
love the colours
So i visited the Pavers England outlet in Phoenix and was pleasantly surprised. I really liked their ethnic collection and some of their heels! They are super comfortable despite having 4 inches attached to them, and that's what their ideology is -- to be comfy -- something Indian Summer totally agrees with. So am giving away a Rs 1000 voucher. Just leave a comment on why you love shoes, and get your friends to like my FB page and your comment. It's as simple as that! 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Lacoste goes Live

Stylist Ranjani explains how the cute polka dot sweater would look great for office and a date!

I loved this black velvet number

That knit skirt in the middle is going to be mine soon

love the pants for men

My friends Samidha of Street Style kindly took a picture!

Look at all those Raining Crocs
Before my visit to the Lacoste store last week, I had no clue they had such cute stuff for women. Their Live collection is choc-a-block with separates we can all pair to give ourselves a French makeover. The store stylist Ranjani and marketing head Khyati made the bloggers feel super welcome and introduced us to their chic clothing. What i loved were the skinny pants that you will see me wearing soon, and the Raining Crocs tee that was just too cute for words. There were also bright cardigans, knit skirts and and tunics to give any wardrobe an edge. And for the guys, there were damn cool pants and the classic croc tees that are an absolute essential. I loved it, and am going back soon for my croc tee. you should head there soon as well!! Baci baci...