Thursday, October 20, 2011

Get a Rs 1000 gift voucher from Pavers England

chic and comfy 
love the colours
So i visited the Pavers England outlet in Phoenix and was pleasantly surprised. I really liked their ethnic collection and some of their heels! They are super comfortable despite having 4 inches attached to them, and that's what their ideology is -- to be comfy -- something Indian Summer totally agrees with. So am giving away a Rs 1000 voucher. Just leave a comment on why you love shoes, and get your friends to like my FB page and your comment. It's as simple as that! 


  1. I absolutely adore shoes because they can tone down a loud outfit, add a pop of colour, add a bit of sophistication and even make a simple outfit look gorgeous!
    They are versatile enough to be worked into so many different ways :)

  2. I love shoes, because because I feel completely different when I put them on. I feel like I own the streets I'm walking on and wearing a great pair of shoes makes me feel more confident nad strong...
    I can wear different pairs depending on my mood !! : )

  3. girls i love your answers...but will you also get people to like your comment on the facebook page :)