Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A sight for sore eyes!

The cute Nature's Co bag comes around for a review!

I absolutely love the eye pillow
When The Nature's Co sent me its products to try, i was thrilled. Because as i opened the cute packaging, I found a rosemary eye pillow, which i have been needing for so long now. We all spend such long hours on the web that sometimes it's so necessary to give our eyes that much-needed rest. And when I put the pillow on (which can be strapped on easily like goggles), after letting it coll in the fridge for a bit, it took away the tiredness in just a matter of minutes. and the whiff of the rosemary make the experience much more pleasurable. I wish i could just lie like that and listen to music all day long. They also sent me a cucumber face wash, the best thing about which was that it didn't leave my skin feeling dry once i used it. And that's a real plus.
Also, Nature's Co, as the name suggests, stays close to nature and all their ingredients are natural. Now what could be better than that! If you like to get in touch with them, log on to their website or check out their facebook page.
Coming up next: A fab outfit post!! At least i hope it will be fab! :)


  1. I have heard a lot about Nature Co. but never got around to try any of their products

  2. I love Nature Co. Their products are amazing.

    Khanak Mehta