Thursday, August 25, 2011

Indian Summer reviews the new Vero Moda, Only and Jack and Jones collection

I love this top for its sheer femininity! It's so sweet and pretty na!
OK, I was super excited when Vero Moda, Only and Jack and Jones told me to come around and review their new collection and do a bit of shopping. The first thing that struck me about this collection was the amount of colour and prints, which as you know Indian Summer loves and aches for so much. It's also oh-so wearable and still chic. And comfort counts for a lot in my scheme of things. also, the fits are perfect for us curvy women, making us look oh so glam! Not too tight, and not too loose. i did a lot of looks with just trying different tops with a plain simple pair of dark blue jeans, and i think any of these can lift up your day from monotony. Even the line for men was relaxed, laidback and yet so trendy. i would love for my husband to wear these tee and those shorts. Head to the stores now! here are some of my favourite picks! 

The colour on this one will add the colour to your cheeks. The simple look also makes it very wearable on a daily basis

Love the belt with its lace detailing. (bought it!) and the top for keeping it young and trendy

Flower power with this I am so girly top

The sweater vest was my favourite and the white full sleeve tee a must for any wardrobe! I bought both!

Another favourite. Don you love the prints on this one?

Ain't i the retro hottie!

All tees and denims i would love to see my man in. Ladies go shopping now!

Fashion Week and the week before!

Fashion Week this time inspired me to be such a better blogger, just because i met so many of my lovely blogger friends who are brilliant at what they do. Sonu and Jasleen of Fashion Bombay, Ayushi of Style Drive, Anushka of Bombay Bubble, Masoom of Style Fiesta and Kavya of Hue Streak Fall. These guys are just so professional, that it made me feel so inspired. and it was a completely fun fashion week as hanging out with people like them was amazing. also, for the first time there were two blogger conventions. One to meet Bryan Boy and one to just discuss how we can make this blogger thing huge. I think we all got a few ideas, and am sure we will act on them!

For wear the Wardrobe: I have had this Mango jacket for more than 7 years now

Love this dress from Attic

My heels are my heartbeat!

The coolest Anushka of Bombay Bubble and Moi

Now you know why we are so fabulous!

Wear the Wardrobe: love my jacket!

Finally carrying this bag!

And wearing these shoes!

with Bryan Boy

i think Ayushi, Anushka and Kavya rock this pic!
in other news, i have been trying to utilise my wardrobe to the most on my Wear the Wardrobe project, which was t deter me from buying new stuff, but which is till ended up doing. But still some good did come out of here's the week in pictures!