Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fashion Week and the week before!

Fashion Week this time inspired me to be such a better blogger, just because i met so many of my lovely blogger friends who are brilliant at what they do. Sonu and Jasleen of Fashion Bombay, Ayushi of Style Drive, Anushka of Bombay Bubble, Masoom of Style Fiesta and Kavya of Hue Streak Fall. These guys are just so professional, that it made me feel so inspired. and it was a completely fun fashion week as hanging out with people like them was amazing. also, for the first time there were two blogger conventions. One to meet Bryan Boy and one to just discuss how we can make this blogger thing huge. I think we all got a few ideas, and am sure we will act on them!

For wear the Wardrobe: I have had this Mango jacket for more than 7 years now

Love this dress from Attic

My heels are my heartbeat!

The coolest Anushka of Bombay Bubble and Moi

Now you know why we are so fabulous!

Wear the Wardrobe: love my jacket!

Finally carrying this bag!

And wearing these shoes!

with Bryan Boy

i think Ayushi, Anushka and Kavya rock this pic!
in other news, i have been trying to utilise my wardrobe to the most on my Wear the Wardrobe project, which was t deter me from buying new stuff, but which is till ended up doing. But still some good did come out of here's the week in pictures!


  1. Oh thanks for the mention. It's always great to meet you Aastha :) love your yellow bag.

  2. very nice collection of dresses ....i like ur shoes and 3rd picture ...

  3. lovely pictures !! seems you had great fun !! I Wish I lived in mumbai !!''

  4. I love your cute style! you look lovely :)
    looks like you guys had an awesome time :)