Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just another day at work

Dressing to work is always about comfort, and though these days i usually want to wear dresses (thanks to the heat), since i take the train, i feel pants or jeans are such an easy option. You never have to worry about the breeze blowing up your skirt! i hate that, and it makes me soo conscious. So these jeans of mine are very soft and actually don't make me feel too hot. I love my new top from Vintage Earth which is my go to store for ethnic chic. And my Zara shoes, which are my attempt at androgyny. Also check out the tiny animal farm on my ears. Take care.
BTW, i am now available for taking people shopping...aka like a personal shopper. I have done a few stints for friends and i think i can do it professionally. And no, i am not charging the world. So if you have anyone who wants a new wardrobe and needs some help, do recommend me if you think it will be of help :) Affordable shopping or high street, we can do it all. Please do spread the word.

shoes, bag, jeans from zara. Shirt from vintage earth, earings from accessorise. shades from promod


  1. If I was in Mumbai, would have taken u along shopping for sure!!!

    The shirt is so cool!!