Sunday, April 7, 2013

Food for your Soles!

One thing I love about summer is the pretty colours and shapes shoes come in. Wearing the strappy shoe is so much better when they are in gold and silver. So when Sole'D asked me to try their shoes, I was more than happy to get on that bandwagon. The strappy flats are perfect for someone who are on their feet the whole day but still want their feet to look pretty. Comfort is key, all the while looking so cute. I paired the flats with an Aztec print dress that i picked up for a steal at Lokhandwala market for just Rs 300. It's perfect for that evening out for coffee or in this weather, lemonade. They also have many other pretty colours so do try them out. They are available at a click Sole'D :) and for the dress, just ask me for directions!! Hope you like it. The typewriter is from Chor Bazar.


  1. Glad you like them! They look lovely on your feet :)x

  2. Nice they are....