Monday, November 5, 2012

A little bling goes a long way

shoes from zara, bag from promod and top from Forever 21
 So I bought new shoes, which are so pretty that i want to sleep with them. also even though i am getting fatter by the day, shoes are something that will always fit. :) but seriously i think a little bling does a lot of a plain outfit like this -- i also love my top which is again lace, and pink at that. and i suddenly discovered these black jeans that make me look slightly slender. they are so my favourite now. hope you like the look. I had to tie my hair like a school girl -- it's just so hot!


  1. lovely outfit.. and must say the backgroud is really cute.. :)
    yup the bling add wonders to a plaien outfit

  2. I love the gold loafers...AND they look super comfy.The backgrounds also perfect with the look..where is this in bombay?