Sunday, June 1, 2014

Girly June

So, I have been away for a pretty long time. But my recent trip to New York, summer, India, Bombay, June and the impending rain has made me feel like feeling pretty and romantic all over again. And inspired! It's like when you decide you are going to enjoy life as it is, without worrying too much. So I am starting June with a-dress-a-day challenge for myself. I recently cleared out of wardrobe and I have tooooooo many dresses. So I will wear a dress a day, every day, till I need to buy more!! I am starting with my favourite new dress, which i bought in New York (more on that trip later) from this brand called J Crew. Along with that i hold my vintage purse (from the 60s) which i bought from a flea in Brooklyn! Shoes and shades from H&M. what do you think?

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