Sunday, August 18, 2013

Red Sunday: My last post as Indian Summer?

Red is such a different colour for me. I used to never wear it before but i have grown to embrace the colour as i have grown older. But somehow it's getting harder for me to do the fashion posts -- if i need to look good for a picture, you can guarantee, i won't look good. So maybe, i will stop fashion blogging soon, because i don't think i do it too well -- meet me on any other day, i am dressed so much better than this. :) i will keep doing outfit of the day posts on my blog but maybe Indian Summer needs to shut down. I will continue my fashion posts on Pop mad, but even when i don't do a fashion post, that blog has so much more for you to read, watch and listen to. So here i am wearing my favourite red pencil skirt (completely flatters my shape) and a top that i love -- thanks to its cute robot print. And my new favourite shoes from Forever 21 -- black keds with tiny black spokes! So comfy as well. Hope you like this post. Will take a day and think about shutting Indian Summer down, but I want to thank everyone who has ever read this blog. Love you.


  1. Hey thats so sad that u r shutting this blog.
    even though u post very less ,i always liked what u post ...i always liked what u wear
    i dont know why u taking this decision :(

  2. :(
    Who says you dont look good? I always love your blog. All your pictures. Even if I comment or not. Love this top by the way..

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  3. Wow Love the look, Quite Pretty :D
    xoxo <3

  4. hey dear you looking awesome. but i want to ad that you should try some good sandals on this dress. other then you look really very pretty :)