Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Curve me out!!

So the verdict is in, as hard as I try, I can't get rid of my curves. Bu then, it struck me, why did I ever want to...they are what make me smoking hot, right? :) And i had started this blog with the main aim to celebrate my body, not try and cover it. I love wearing clothes that give my body a shape and highlight my good points and hide my bad ones, but then i also thought that i never ever flaunt my curves even a bit. But the other day, I wore this dress and suddenly realized that i love my curves....so here is my PLAN -- i am going to get a dress stitched every month (maybe two) that suit my shape -- the pear shape -- to perfection. If you have curves, they will suit you too...(maybe with a few alterations to fit your shape) and if you like the dress, you can order it here and i will get it made for you in your size!!!...how does that sound? (we can change colour, print)
i have already given my first dress for stitching and let's hope it's a smashing one!! here's to a curvy you and a fabulous you....
love you all!!


  1. Perfect shot in the background too.

  2. ya i knowww!!! seemed perfect!

  3. you look fabulous in that dress! curves ae sexy...so flaunt them! I love the dress-idea...

  4. Cheers to that!!


  5. And curves are sexy indeed!!

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