Monday, April 4, 2011

garage sale!!

pants from the Trunk, Colaba, top from forever 21 (bought at a steal at this same garage sale)

Our third garage sale was great fun...Dhruvi (alice of Alice wandering) and i are really starting to get the hang of this. many people turned up and it was a great success...we hope to have many such sales in the coming months...we will keep you posted. :) so wore these really cool jodhpur pants i bought recently and a top bought at a garage sale!! while dhruvi wore a stunning black dress from FCUK and cute headgear to match! hope dhruvi puts up more battery died!


  1. Cute! Sorry I couldn't make it for the sale.

  2. These Garage sales are something like you sell stuff pre owned but in good condition?

    Nonetheless seems like you are doing great Aastha :)

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  3. I really had no idea about such sales in mumbai..can u keep me posted about such sales?

  4. thanks magali...ya tanvi...its stuff we bought but never wore...u know we girls do that sooo much na!!...thanks a ton man...zahra...join our facebook page from the rabbit has all the info :)