Sunday, January 23, 2011

All set for Dhobi Ghat

dress from vero moda (they have a great this for only 700, shoes from gossip, bag from mango

star earrings from kazo
So i went to watch Dhobi ghat in this dress that i feel will be great for all curvy woman. It gives us a waist and hides the flaws, don't you think. Great slimming shape for everyone. As for the movie, Prateik rocked for his innocent portrayal, monica for her natural feel, and just everything about dhobi ghat was so subdued and calm that it was a treat to watch. Go and watch it guys


  1. I cant wait to watch dhobi ghat! The dress is so oretty :)

  2. I'm in love in the movie. For real.
    You look adorable in that dress.
    Alsoooo, the glasses suit you much.